Captures a <core:page>.

Parameter "page": The page-relative path to the page to capture; book-relative when begins with a slash /.

Parameter "level": Controls the level of detail to capture. May be one of:

  1. page - Fastest: captures page meta data only (including parent and child pages).
  2. meta - Captures page and content meta data, but no body content.
  3. body - Captures page and content meta data as well as all body content.

Level may need to be set to page when two pages capture each other (either directly or indirectly). This may occur when these two pages capture each other for meta data, such as automatic page title added to links.


${core:capturePage(page, level)}

Function Information

Function Class: com.semanticcms.core.taglib.Functions
Function Signature: com.semanticcms.core.model.Page capturePage(java.lang.String, java.lang.String)
Display Name: None