Flattens a page directed acyclic graph (DAG) into a list in depth-first traversal order. Each page is only added once when first visited.

The page DAG starts as a single page with any number of children. Each of the child pages may, in turn, have children. The result of this transformation is a list of pages in depth-first traversal order.

A page may actually be linked into multiple places in the DAG, so strictly speaking this is a single root Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG).

Only the first occurance of each page will be in the resulting list.

Parameter "level": Controls the level of detail to capture. May be one of:

  1. page - Fastest: captures page meta data only (including parent and child pages).
  2. meta - Captures page and content meta data, but no body content.
  3. body - Captures page and content meta data as well as all body content.


${core:convertPageDagToList(rootPage, level)}

Function Information