Sets the copyright for the current page.

At least one field must be set to a non-null value.

Any field not set (or set to null) will be inherited from the parent(s) in the same book. Any field set to "" will have no value and not inherit from parents.

If there are no parent pages in this same book, uses the fields from the book's copyright.

When inheriting a field from multiple parent pages, the field must have exactly the same value in all parents. Any mismatch in value will result in an exception.

Tag Information

Tag Class: com.semanticcms.core.taglib.CopyrightTag
TagExtraInfo Class: None
Body Content: empty
Display Name: None


Name Required Evaluation Type Description
rightsHolder No Runtime String

The rights holder. "" means none and null will inherit.

rights No Runtime String

The rights. "" means none and null will inherit.

dateCopyrighted No Runtime String

The date copyrighted. "" means none and null will inherit.


No Variables Defined.