SemanticCMS Tag Reference Changelog


Snapshot Notes

  • Minimum Java version changed from 1.7 to 1.8.
  • Now outputting HTML or XHTML based on the current response content type. This should eliminate validator warnings when used as HTML.


Release Notes


Release Notes

  • Changed generated "Tag Summary" and "Function Summary" from <section> to <nav>.
  • Using managed dependencies:
    1. This project uses managed dependencies.
    2. This project's managed dependencies may also be imported by other projects.
  • JSP taglib parser moved into its own project: AO TLD Parser.
  • Added support for dateCreated, datePublished, dateModified, and dateReviewed parsed from comments within the *.tld files.


Release Notes

  • Minimum Java version changed from 1.6 to 1.7.
  • Improved performance by parsing XML on start-up instead of on-the-fly:
    1. Benchmark before on a basic dual-core laptop:
      ab -c 8 -n 100
      Benchmarking (be patient)...apr_pollset_poll: The timeout specified has expired (70007)
      Total of 72 requests completed
      ab -c 4 -n 16
      Requests per second:    0.55 [#/sec] (mean)
    2. Benchmark so far:
      ab -c 4 -n 128
      Requests per second:    32.08 [#/sec] (mean)
  • Also catching formatting issues in *.tld files at start-up, which is better than an exception later in production.


Release Notes

  • New release for bug fixes in underlying AO Encoding library.
  • Updated dependencies.


Release Notes

  • New module to generate tag library descriptor documentation for *.tld files.