SemanticCMS Core View Content Changelog


Snapshot Notes

  • Using managed dependencies:
    1. This project uses transitive managed dependencies.
    2. This project's managed dependencies may also be imported by other projects.


Release Notes


Release Notes

  • Updated dependencies.


Release Notes

  • New AO OSS Parent POM to simplify pom.xml files.
  • Added new dates to content view. The most recent date visible and the others in meta data only.
  • Project documentation moved to per-project book in SemanticCMS format.
  • Added changelog as top-level project link.


Release Notes

  • Improved Javadoc formatting.
  • Improved README formatting.
  • Book title is optional, view titles now taking that into consideration.


Release Notes

  • Improved Javadoc formatting.
  • Core taglib now supports deferred expressions.


Release Notes

  • Use dependencyManagement instead of dependency for junit.
  • Now supporting per-page allowRobots setting.


Release Notes

  • Improved Maven configuration for Java EE 6 dependencies.


Release Notes

  • New parent pom for semanticcms-core components.
  • semanticcms-view-content renamed to semanticcms-core-view-content and moved to core.


Release Notes

  • Project moved to GitHub and Maven.
  • May now exclude robots from specific views.
  • Headings moved to own projects and renamed to "Section".
  • Now passing arguments through includes.
  • Passing args as Map<String,?> instead of forcing Map<String,Object>
  • CSS links may now be registered for global use.