SemanticCMS Changelog Taglib Changelog



Release Notes

  • New release for bug fixes in underlying AO Encoding library.
  • Updated dependencies.
  • Now using custom model object Release to expose more release properties as JavaBeans getters.
  • New EL function ${changelog:findRelease(node)} that finds a release in the provided page or element.
  • New tag <changelog:generateDependency /> that generates a dependency declaration for a given release and build system.
  • New JSP include /semanticcms-changelog-taglib/ that generates dependency settings for various build systems.
  • New EL function ${changelog:countDependencies(dependencies)} that counts the number of dependencies.


Release Notes

  • New project to assist in formatting changelogs.
  • Taglib tlib-version is now set automatically during build. Unfortunately, we cannot include "-SNAPSHOT" on snapshot builds due to the requirement of "Dewey decimal" for taglib versions. The unambiguous full version is annotated via comment.
  • "release-notes-${version}" id moved to overall release section so links go to overall release. Previously they went specifically to the release notes and the release version was scrolled off the top of the browser. This keeps things in context.
  • "Release Notes" section no longer included when the release tag has no JSP body.