SemanticCMS Parent Changelog


Snapshot Notes

  • Updated version of AO OSS Parent.
  • No longer excluding org.webjars:d3js and org.webjars:jquery from version updates.


Release Notes

  • Excludes of versions-maven-plugin are not inherited. Added excludes for Java EE Web API 6 where needed.
  • Updated version of AO OSS Parent.


Release Notes

  • Added --allow-script-in-comments for Javadoc in JDK 1.8.0_121+.
  • Updated dependencies.


Release Notes

  • New parent POM, separate from aggregator POMs, to allow the addition of modules without having to also release untouched modules within the same overall project.

    Previously, adding a module to the aggregator would increment its version, which would then propagate all the way down to update the parents of all modules. Since our projects are extremely modular, this forced releases where only the parent version was modified.

    We recommend a separation of parent and aggregator pom.xml for any multi-module Maven project where each module is released independently.