A newsfeed item, used to annotate pages and elements of what changes. The news entries are not typically directly visible, but instead are available via news views, RSS feeds, newsletters, Twitter tweets, and such.

Tag Information

Tag Class: com.semanticcms.news.taglib.NewsTag
TagExtraInfo Class: None
Body Content: scriptless
Display Name: None
Dynamic Attributes: true


Name Required Evaluation Type Description
id No Deferred-Value String

The id used in URL anchors. If not provided, is generated from the label. Must be unique per page. Ids generated from labels will be unique, but may change as page structure changes.

book No Deferred-Value String

The book of the news target book. Defaults to the book of the current JSP file.

page No Deferred-Value String

The page-relative path to the news target book. Required when book provided. Defaults to the parent page/element of the news entry when not specified.

element No Deferred-Value String

The id of the news target element. Defaults to the parent page/element of the news entry when book, page, and element not specified.

view No Deferred-Value String

The view to use for the target element. Defaults to content when not specified.

title No Deferred-Value String

The title of the news entry. Defaults to the target page title/element label when not specified.

description No Deferred-Value String

The optional description of the news entry.

pubDate Yes Deferred-Value Object

The publication date in ISO 8601 format.

At least YYYY-MM-DD is required, and when time not specified will default to midnight in the current system time zone. A long value of -1 or 0 is converted to null. Any value accepted by Joda Time DateTime is accepted.

allowRobots No Deferred-Value String

Controls whether robots will be allowed to access this news entry.

Possible values are:

  • auto - Inherit setting from page
  • true - Robots allowed
  • false - Robots not allowed

Defaults to auto.


No Variables Defined.