Gets a PNG export of a Dia diagram as an <img> tag.

To support zoom and high resolution displays, the export is scaled to several different pixel ratios. Through scripting, the client selects the most appropriate export file based on its current pixel ratio. Changes to pixel ratios are also detected and responded to.

This implementation is compatible with the static export feature.

Tag Information

Tag Class: com.semanticcms.dia.taglib.DiaTag
TagExtraInfo Class: None
Body Content: empty
Display Name: None
Dynamic Attributes: true


Name Required Evaluation Type Description
id No Deferred-Value String

The id used in URL anchors. If not provided, is generated from the label. Must be unique per page. Ids generated from labels will be unique, but may change as page structure changes.

label No Deferred-Value String

The label displayed. This value is also used in table of contents entries. If not provided, defaults to the last path element of "path".

book No Deferred-Value String

The book containing the file. Defaults to the book of the current JSP file.

path Yes Deferred-Value String

The page-relative path to the file.

width No Deferred-Value Integer

The width of the diagram thumbnail in pixels.

When not provided, width is proportionally scaled from height.

When neither width nor height are provided, width defaults to 200 and the height is scaled proportionally.

height No Deferred-Value Integer

The height of the diagram thumbnail in pixels.

When not provided, height is proportionally scaled from width.


No Variables Defined.