public final class RssUtils extends Object
Utilities for working with RSS feeds.
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    • isRssEnabled

      public static boolean isRssEnabled(ServletContext servletContext)
      Checks if the RSS module is installed. This is done by checking for the existence of the servlet class. This is cached in application scope to avoid throwing and catching ClassNotFoundException repeatedly.
    • getResourceExtensions

      public static String[] getResourceExtensions()
    • isProtectedExtension

      public static boolean isProtectedExtension(String path)
      Checks that the given resource should not be included under any circumstances.
    • getRssServletPath

      public static String getRssServletPath(PageRef pageRef)
      Gets the servletPath to the RSS feed for the give page ref.
    • getRssServletPath

      public static String getRssServletPath(Page page)
      Gets the servletPath to the RSS feed for the give page.
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