Package com.semanticcms.core.model

package com.semanticcms.core.model
  • Class
    An author of a book, a page, or a set of pages.
    A book contains pages and is the central mechanism for high-level separation of content.
    A child reference.
    The copyright info for a book, a page, or a set of pages.
    A page may contain any number of elements (along with arbitrary textual data and other content).
    An element context is able to process includes of other resources during element writing.
    An element reference contains a book, a path, and an element id.
    Writes an element into the given writer.
    A node contains elements, but is not necessarily an element itself.
    Writes node body content, while replacing nested child element markers with child element content.
    A page reference contains both a book and a path to a page or directory.
    Something that has a reference to a page.
    A parent reference also includes an optional shortTitle for when this page is listed within the context of this specific parent.